100% natural beeswax products

My handmade products can be found in several shops across Bristol.

 I also attend regular craft fairs and market stalls. 

Everything I make is made as simply and purely as possible and is good enough to eat 

  • No unnecessary packaging
  • Any packaging I do use can be repurposed or recycled
  • No parabens or SLS, no palm oil
  • Not tested on animals
  • No additives, not even essential oils
  • All ingredients used are edible
  • Herbs grown in my garden are pesticide free
  • Plants and berries are foraged locally in Bristol
  • All ingredients are chosen for their healing properties

Some of the products I sell include, 100% beeswax candles, lip balms, hand-creams, 100% cotton and beeswax eco friendly food wraps, tinctures and gift sets.

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