Working with local schools

I often work with local schools to help bring the subject of pollination and food production to life whilst helping our next generations to learn more about the amazing creature that is the honey bee. I can run a variety of sessions, some of which can even help you to raise school funds! 

Bee talks

I can run a session for groups of up to 80 children where we'll learn about bees, what they do, how they work as a team and the amazing way they run their hives.

I'll bring bee suits, honeycombs, and the equipment used to look after a hive to bring this to well as my bee friends who all play their special part!

Observation hives

I can bring an observation hive into your school as part of a talk so that they children can safely get close to honey bees and see them in action.

Hand rolling a beeswax candle

Many of the schools I visit also ask that I help the children to make their onw beeswax candle to take home as a memento of the experience as they get  hands on with beeswax 

Designing beeswax wraps

Are you working to reduce plastic waste at lunchtime? I can bring plain cotton and fabric pens so that your pupils can design their own beeswax lunch wraps which can replace cling film! We'll talk about the antibacterial properties of beeswax and the environmental benefits of making this switch while we get creative!

If you want to enquire about how I can work with you school, please get in touch and we'll look at what might work best for you,