Bee Experiences


How close have you ever been to a Beehive?

Most of us haven't ever been close to a beehive and with good reason. However, Hives and Herbals can offer a range of safe, informative and enjoyable bee experiences. They are suitable for people of all ages and we've had everyone from pre-schoolers through to pensioners come and visit and everyone has enjoyed their session immensely.

Meet the Bees - Our Observation Hive

If you want to meet the bees but dont want to wear a beesuit, we have an observation hive that allows you to safely see the bees in a section of their hive - this session which includes an entertaining and informative bee talk typically takes around 90 minutes

Bee Experience

If you want to wear an actual bee-keepers suit and get up close to a hive then this experience allows you to do just that! You'll also take part in a Bee Talk and will have the opportunity to make a hand rolled beeswax candle to take home with you. This session typically takers around 2 hours

Bee a Bee-Keeper

If you want to join The Bee Lady on a full hive inspection and 'Bee a Bee-Keeper' for while, then this is the experience for you! You'll get up close and personal with the bees as we check that everything is as it should be in the hive and see exactly what a Bee-Keeper does. This session will last around 2 and a half hours.

Want to arrange your own Bee Experience...?

Hives and Herbals are always happy to provide bespoke sessions for you - maybe a day out for the family, or for a group of school friends? If you'd like to talk to me about this please message me.

If you want to book spaces on an experience session.

Take a look at my events page - I often have experiences that are open for bookings, as well as a range of workshops and talks.