My ethos

100% natural beeswax products


It's all about the bees.

I was very clear from the beginning that I wanted my products to be as ˜Natural as can bee'. I also wanted to make sure that my honey bees were well cared for and treated with respect - valuing the contribution they make to the local eco-system. 

Everything I make is made as simply and purely as possible and is good enough to eat 

  • No unnecessary packaging
  • Any packaging I do use can be repurposed or recycled
  • No parabens or SLS, no palm oil
  • Not tested on animals
  • No additives, not even essential oils
  • All ingredients used are edible
  • Herbs grown in my garden are pesticide free
  • Plants and berries are foraged locally in Bristol
  • All ingredients are chosen for their healing properties 


What I harvest from the hive



Only surplus raw honey is removed from my hives, simply filtered and bottled.  



The purest wax is collected, cleaned and used for my balms and salves.  



Bees gather a tree resin called Propolis. They use it to waterproof and germ proof the hive. It has anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti inflammatory, anti viral and immune boosting properties. I gather it off my hives and use it to make a salve and a tincture.