Bee Kind - Sponsor a Bee or a Hive

Making a unique, thoughtful and meaningful gift, our bee or beehive sponsorship packages  provides you with gifts from the bees, a Fascinating Fact sheet about your chosen bee, a bee keyring and best of all a certificate with your name on it!

Have a look at the different sponsorship options available and either message us via the message button (for Hive sponsorship) or click the Shop now button at the bottom of the page for Bee sponsorship.

Sponsor a hive - price varies

You can sponsor a whole hive or part of a hive with Hives and Herbals with prices starting from just £50.

When a whole hive is sponsored, there are options to have your own personalised name plaque on the hive and we even have bespoke options where you can include a monthly honey subscription too - ideal for businesses who use honey eg: cafes / deli's etc!  


Contact Hives and Herbals to discuss Hive sponsorship options 


Sponsor a Queen Bee - £30

When you sponsor a Queen Bee, along with naming your bee and receiving your personalised certificate, you'll receive a Bottle of Queen Bee Lavish Lotion (25g), a jar of honey and a bee keyring and a Fascinating Facts of the Queen Bee fact sheet so you can learn all about her. 

Sponsor a Worker Bee - £10

The Queen isn't the only  girl in the hive - all the Worker Bees are girls too! When you sponsor a Worker Bee, you will receive a certificate of sponsorship showing your bee's name (chosen by you) and your name, a bee keyring and a Fascinating Facts of the Worker Bee telling you all you need to know about the hardest working bees in the hive!


Sponsor a Drone - £20

It's not just girls in the hive - and when you sponsor one of our Drones, we'll send you a Fun Facts about Drones factsheet with some surprising facts!! You'll also receive a keyring and a jar of honey with your personalised sponsorship certificate.