hives and herbals

Beeswax products made by a bristol beekeeper

What I offer

Talks: Bee Educated


 Find out about the amazing honey bees, how they help us and how you can help them.

Workshops & Parties: Bee Creative


 Learn how to make and decorate a rolled candle, make herbals bath bags or lip balms. 

School visits


 See bees in an observation hive, hear an interactive  talk, explore bee equipment, try on a  beesuit and then make a beeswax candle 

Bee Experience

 Learn about the bees, put on a beesuit, see the bees in an observation hive and then make a candle.

  Learn about the bees, put on a beesuit and see the bees up close in an observation hive then make a beeswax candle.